GTA 5 PS5: The GTA 5 will have great graphics on PS5. There will be an enhanced version of GTA 5 for PS5, out soon in December. The developers, Rockstar is making the game ready for its PS5 release with the enhanced version of the graphics and games. There will be a major update for GTA 5 PS5 in December, this update will majorly focus on GTA online and not the offline story mode. We will discuss the pricing, release date, size of the game, and many more things that are coming soon. Have a look.


GTA 5 PS5: Release Date

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As of November 2020, there is no official release date for PS5 GTA 5. But according to the sources, GTA 5 for PS5 will come in early 2021. But the fans are saying that it will come in late December, but if we look at all the aspects, it looks like there will be an update for GTA 5 for PS5 in late December but the update will come out in early an. 2021.

GTA 5 PS5: Price

GTA 5 October 2020 Update

When it comes to GTA 5 pricing, it sticks in the middle not that high but not that less as well. Consider all the aspects, GTA will come at a cost of $25 for PS5. The Rockstar is majorly focusing on GTA 6 release and they want to keep the pricing low for GTA 5 so they can attract fans and keeping the fans ready to buy GTA 6 on a higher price.

GTA 5 PS5: Cheats

There are a lot of cheats that GTA 5 contains, and missions are very hards for some players to complete. However, some player says that GTA 5 is an easy game for them. But when GTA 5 becomes a difficult game for you then there come the GTA 5 cheats. If we talk about GTA 5 PS5 Cheats then most of the cheats will be the same but some might change.

GTA 5 PS5: Size

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The GTA 5 PS5 version weighs around 70 GB which is quite obvious as GTA 5 is a big game and contains a lot of offline missions. For GTA 5 enhanced graphics version it might look odd to have a 70 GB size. The enhanced will definitely have more big size than the standard version but as of now, we could only confirm the size of GTA 5 PS5 for the standard version only.

GTA 5 PS5: Trailer and Gameplay

As of November 2020, there is no official trailer for GTA 5 PS5. However, there are some unofficial trailers for PS5 GTA 5 but we can’t verify them as official or leaked trailers so we can’t embed them here. But fans are assuming that the trailer will be out soon, however, some fans are also assuming that Rockstar is busy in the development of GTA 6 but they will release GTA 5 as it is on PS5. But we can say that there will be a major update in December for PS5 which will contain some new missions for GTA online, and there will be no update for the offline story mode.


GTA 5 PS5: Graphics

YouTuber RGR29 posted a clasp of Grand Theft Auto V interactivity delivered on PC a little while back, itemizing a piece of the game where primary character Michael gets into a warmed contention with his significant other Amanda about the condition of their extremely miserable marriage. They are before long hindered by numerous other idiosyncratic characters, remembering Micheal’s old accomplice for wrongdoing Trevor. In the long run, the pair head off on a salvage mission to spare Michael’s girl Tracy from the grasp of obscure unscripted TV drama have Lazlow. The entirety of this has appeared on a degree of graphical detail like other as of late divulged PS5 titles, and fans can see this for themselves beneath:


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