Ark Update 2.65 Patch Notes is out with some changes and fixes. Here, you can explore the complete patch notes of the Ark Survival game.

Ark Update 2.65 Patch Notes

Ark Update 2.65 Patch Notes

  • Fixed a bug where HLNA crafting Explorer Notes would not unlock when using different characters on the same account
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t craft TEK Replicator on Genesis Part 1
  • Fixed a bug where players could move Netted Creatures
  • Fixed some cases where the Noglin could attach in cases it shouldn’t, and some cases where after a Noglin has attached it would be in a broken state.
  • Fixed some cases on Genesis Part 1 where the Explorer Notes would not unlock properly on the server
  • Fixed a case where wild Snow Owls wouldn’t be able to attack with Ark Survival Update 2.65 Patch Notes.
  • Fixed HLNA opacity settings not affecting her movement SFX

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