Ghost of Tsushima- How to beat the boss in the Final Raid: Only a day after the raid, The Tale of Iyo in Ghost of Tsushima, a group of players has finally managed on How to beat the boss in the Final Raid. The Ghost of Tsushima Legends new raid, The Tale of Iyo released about two days ago on Saturday, 31st October. The raid was named “The Tale of Iyo”. This raid was announced after the Ghost of Tsushima Update 1.14 Patch came out. The download size of that update was around 1 GB for PS4. The update for Patch 1.14 was released on Friday, 30th October and the raid announced after the day.

The official tweet from the makers for the Patch 1.14 Update.

And here is the tweet for the Raid, The Tale of Iyo” Announcement from Sucker Punch.

A Group of legends has finally managed on How to beat the boss in the Final Raid in Ghost of Tsushima Legends, The Tale of Iyo. The Group has managed to beat the boss, Iyo, in under 10 minutes. It is not easy to beat the boss in the final raid but they are able to do it with a lot of co-ordination to take on the boss. Some players are able to find ways to speedrun Iyo amazingly. We will also share some youtube videos about this.

How to beat the boss in the Final Raid

How to beat the boss in the Final Raid

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A YouTuber uploaded a video on YouTube and the video shows how they managed to take on the boss, Iyo. The YouTuber’s name is LowKeyValkyrie uploaded a video of about 6 minutes showing how their group managed to beat the boss in under 10 minutes. And to be precise, they managed to beat the boss in 6 minutes and 34 seconds.

To be clear, the video doesn’t cover the full raid. The video uploaded on youtube only covers the full chapter of Raid 3. The video cover only where the Iyo spawns, which is the final section. The thing that players are able to take on the final boss in 5 to 6 minutes is impressive and especially without cheating.

How to beat the boss in the Final Raid: The Raid Video

There are somethings which we want to tell you, if you haven’t cleared The Tale of Iyo, yet. These are kind of spoilers for the players that are not able to beat or those who haven’t got a chance to take on Iyo yet.

Sucker Punch actualized probably the best thing about Ghost of Tsushima into the assault. Numerous variables go into beating Iyo, yet the essential one spins around the duel players have with her. Each player duels with Iyo in turn, while the remainder of the group helps in their own particular manner. The better at duels the player is, the quicker they’ll have the option to overcome Iyo.

This is the first video that first got posted on Reddit. Later got posted on YouTube by the YouTuber LowKeyValKyrie.

Here is the second video of the video posted on YouTube.

How to beat the boss in the Final Raid: Conclusion

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It’ll be intriguing to perceive what sort of finishing times the Ghost of Tsushima people group will pull off as the attack gets somewhat more established. A ton of players might want to see speed runs of the Tale of Iyo’s Chapter 2, as it’s generally viewed as the most provoking portion of the assault to finish because of its monoliths and the gems. Generally speaking, however, players will be speedrunning the assault completely soon enough. Many are most likely previously considering the following thing Sucker Punch has coming up for Ghost of Tsushima: Legends.

So, this was it. Hopefully, you will like our approach on “How to beat the boss in the Final Raid”.


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