The latest Ark Survival Evolved Hotfix Update 2.59 is here and this latest update has brought some changes to the game and various bugs fixed. Due to this, all the players in this game are excited about it.

Here, you will get the complete details related to the latest Ark Survival Evolved Hotfix Update 2.59, its patch notes, the downloading guide, update file size, and other information. Let’s explore the patch notes of this hotfix without any delay.

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ark survival evolved hotfix update 2.59

Ark Survival Evolved Hotfix Update 2.59 Released

Ark Survival is a popular Survival game full of action and adventure that you can enjoy on various gaming platforms. Due to the amazing gameplay of this game, a lot of gamers regularly play this game. Its developer also regularly brings hotfix to fix various issues and bugs in the game.

You can now install this latest update on your gaming platforms. If we talk about the update file size, it is currently unknown to us. But, we will provide it here soon.

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How to Update Ark Survival Evolved?

The process to update this game on various gaming platforms is simple. If you have disabled the automatic game updates, then you will have to manually update this game.

On PS4, select this game using the “Options” button. After that, click on the “Check for Updates” option. Now, the latest update of this game will be checked and installed on your PS4.

On Xbox One, you will have to go to “My Apps and Games”. Here, you will have to select this game and then click on the “More Options”. After that, click on the “Manage Game and Add-Ons” and then the “Updates” option. Now, the latest update of this game will be shown on your Xbox console.

On Android, you can update this game from Google Play Store while on iOS, you will have to update this game from Apple App Store.

On PC, this game will be updated from the store through which you have downloaded this game. So, open the game and go to the Game Library to update it. If you will not update the game and run it, it will be updated to its latest version before the startup.

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So, follow all these given steps and easily update this game manually on your gaming platform. Once you will install this latest update, you will be excited to know the new features that you will receive in your game through this update. So, we have provided the patch notes in the next section.

Ark Survival Evolved Hotfix Update 2.59 Patch Notes

Now, it is time to discuss the changes made to the game through this latest update. Check out the patch notes that we have provided for you below.

  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the intro cinematic
  • Fixed several server crashes

We will provide the detailed Ark Survival Evolved Hotfix Update 2.59 patch notes here soon. So, bookmark this page and visit it regularly. It will help you in knowing about the new features at first.

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This was our complete guide about the latest Ark Survival Update 2.59. Do not forget to share your opinion about this latest update in the comment section below.

Conclusion: Ark Survival Evolved Hotfix Update 2.59

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete Ark Survival Evolved Hotfix Update 2.59, its patch notes, update file size, the downloading guide, and much more. If you have any doubts or queries related to this latest update, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your questions and doubts.

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