Overwatch Update 3.12 Patch Notes is out with some changes and fixes. Here, you can explore the complete patch notes of this game that will help you to explore the changes.

Overwatch Update 3.12 Patch NotesOverwatch Update 3.12 Patch Notes


This adjustment brings Reaper’s self-healing with his Hellfire Shotguns back to about where it was before the recent weapon tuning changes.

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The Reaping

  • Life Steal amount increased from 30% to 35% with Overwatch Update 3.12 Patch Notes.

The Duplicate ultimate has proven to be more impactful than expected and was coming up quickly due to Echo’s high damage output.


  • Ultimate cost increased by 15%

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Though it felt better to use, the previous reduction to the Exo Boots charge time resulted in Baptiste becoming much more evasive against some heroes. Since he already has strong defensive ability options in Regenerative Burst and Immortality Field, we’re reverting how quickly he can charge the Exo Boots jump.


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