The complete Valorant Update 2.09 Patch Notes are available and all players in this game are excited about it. They want to know about the changes that they will get in the game through this latest patch. So, we have decided to bring a guide about it.

Here, you will learn about the latest Valorant Update 2.09 Patch Notes, how to update this game on various gaming platforms, the file size, and other information related to it. Let’s explore the patch notes of this latest update without any delay.

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valorant update 2.09 patch notes

Valorant Update 2.09 Patch Notes Available

Valorant is a popular hero shooter game that you can enjoy on your PC. As this game is available for free, a lot of gamers enjoy it for free. The developer of this game also regularly brings latest updates to make the gameplay better. The latest patch 2.09 of this game is released recently. The complete Valorant Update 2.09 Patch Notes are also available.

You can install this latest update on your gaming PC now. Currently, we do not know the exact file size of this latest update. But, we will provide it soon.

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How to Update Valorant?

It is simple to update Valorant on your Windows PC. First of all, you will have to close the game if you are running the previous version. After that, you will have to relaunch the game. During the startup of the game, it will check for the latest version and prompt you to install it.

In case you are not prompted to download and install this latest version, you will have to go to the official site of this game and re-download it. You will have to log in using your Riot account.

Using this guide, you can easily update Valorant to its latest version. Now, it is time to know about the changes that are made in the game through this patch.

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Detailed Valorant Update 2.09 Patch Notes

Here are the complete patch notes of this latest update 2.09 of Valorant. Read it to know about the new features and content that you will get in the game.



Introducing the newest map, Breeze, to the VALORANT map pool. Breeze is set on a remote island distinguished by its bright, playful, and colorful environment, with wide open spaces and opportunities for long range encounters.

  • Breeze will launch alongside a Breeze-only Unrated queue that will remain active for two weeks
    • More details on this queue can be found in the Competitive Updates section below.


  • Added a Breeze-only Unrated queue for those who want to grind our new map
    • Breeze will also be available in the standard queues for Deathmatch, Spike Rush, and Escalation as well as Custom games.
    • This queue will only be active for two weeks. During this two week period, Breeze will not be available in the standard Unrated or Competitive queues. Following this period, the Breeze-only queue will be disabled and Breeze will then become available in the existing Unrated and Competitive queues.
  • Reminder! This is the last Act to work for your Episode 2 Rank Reward, awarded after the end of Act III

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We will provide update 2.09 patch notes once they are available. For now, enjoy the update 2.08 of the game.

    Conclusion: Valorant Update 2.09 Patch Notes

    In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete details about the Valorant Update 2.09 Patch Notes, the downloading guide, update file size, and much more. If you have any doubts or queries related to this latest update, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your questions and doubts.

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