Check Temperature in Among Us: Among Us is quite a popular game and has taken over mobile gaming. In Among Us, the player doesn’t know each other’s role but they have to work together and trust each other to win. This game has a lot of tasks to do for the players and it sometimes quite difficult to do a task, so you look for a guide that can help you. So here we are with a very simple and quick guide about How to Check Temperature in Among Us.check temperature in Among Us

In Among Us, the same concept is brought, where 2 killers or you can also say 2 murderers who finish off other players first wins the task. In this, the other must survive to win. The Survivors have to catch the murderers. No player knows which role has been assigned to them, they have to figure it out themselves.

How to check temperature in Among Us?

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In Among Us, there are a lot of tasks, which are assigned to the players in each round. In each round, the task will be different or can be the same. With the new updates, the new tasks are keep coming in the game. With a new update, a new task has been assigned to players that is How to Check temperature in Among Us. So we will discuss about this task and will guide you in an easy way to complete this task.

Check Temperature in Among Us

Among Us has numerous different maps and each map comes with different tasks that the player will have to complete. The task in a round can be short and can be long as well, depends on the map.

Check Temperature in Among Us: The Task

How to check temperature in Among Us

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The different maps come with some different tasks and the temperature checking task comes with the map, Porus. The map, Porus includes the Temperature check task. In Porus, the player has to complete three tasks.

Check Temperature in Among Us: Task 1

The first task in the Porus map is the Temperature checking task. The rest of the other tasks are the long ones.

In the other tasks, the player has to fix the weather nodes.

In the last task of the Porus map, don’t worry we are coming to the first task but first let’s know about the rest tasks, the player has to fuel the engines.

There are only two places in the Porus map where players can record or check the temperature in among us. The first location in the Porus map where players can check the temperatures is the Lab.

The other location in the Porus map where players can record the temperature is the Exterior.

The player will be indicated the temperature of the room and will be approached to log it in the opening close to it. The player needs to change the number in the log space with the assistance of the bolt keys. The player needs to continue changing the number until it coordinates the number to the opening on the right. When the numbers coordinate the errand will be finished.

Sometimes the players face an error where the Temperature task doesn’t work, so here is what you can do about it.

But before that, you can check out this video. This video is uploaded on YouTube by a youtube named Bawsarnold. In this video has shows some tips and tricks for among us players, have a look at the video:

The Temperature Check Task in Among Us is Not Working?

Since the most recent update players are confronting an issue where they can’t finish the record temperature task in Among Us close to the magma pit. This is by all accounts a bug that has been presented in the update. The game will have this bug fixed in the impending update. This issue has been looked by players utilizing the portable use of Among Us.


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