DMR nerf in COD Warzone is expected with the arrival of the next update and the next update is about to arrive, if you were looking for the DMR nerf in COD Warzone then keep scrolling and read the article as we have all exclusive info regarding the DMR nerf.

DMR nerf in COD Warzone

The COD Warzone’s next update is about to arrive and it is very much expected that the update will come with the DMR nerf and with the upcoming update COD warzone will be nerfed in the DMR-14. With this update, there are some weapons that came in Warzone and were destroying the overall experience of the game as the weapons were so powerful that other weapons become of no use, and to fix the issue developers have decided to give a DMR nerf update to COD warzone.

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We have all exclusive news and details regarding the upcoming DMR nerf in the COD Warzone update, so now enough of talking let’s dig into the topic.

What is DMR nerf in COD Warzone?

The actual meaning of these words is very simple and easy to understand. DMR nerf updates means that the developers will give a nerf update to the game which will balance the overpower of the weapons, usually the developers pushes the nerf update when there is a requirement to balance the weapons overall destruction so that it doesn’t ruin the game.

So COD Warzone has some issues with the arrival of the previous update, there were some weapons that became so powerful that the other weapons have become of no use, so the developers will be pushing the DMR to nerf in COD Warzone.

The nerf DMR-14 will bring the game back to its previous stage where the weapons were working perfectly and there was no imbalance over there in any weapon.

On all over social media, developers were getting reports and complaints regarding the DMR-14 that it is way too powerful to handle for beginners. So now we should head over to the more exclusive news such as when the DMR nerf in COD Warzone update is expected to arrive and what it will nerf in COD warzone, have a look.

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When the update of DMR nerf in COD Warzone will arrive?

There is no confirmed date for the upcoming update which will arrive with the DMR-14 but it is very much expected that the update will drop on Jan 5 or Jan 7. But this is Jan 5 already and there is no update yet, there is an update which only some player have got and players are looking all over the internet for How to download the DMR 14 nerf update of COD warzone, but they don’t know that when there is an update out you will receive it without doing any extra efforts.

We have some info that what the upcoming update will pack so that you have an idea of the COD warzone upcoming update. So the upcoming update will have some features such as the Blueprint Gunfight, SnD Double Down, Realism Gun Game, Face-Off, Boosts on the ground war.

Other than that there is some bug which will be fixed such as the upcoming update will fix the bug on Hackney Yard which could keep safe Minotaur by doing an execution. Also, there will be some fixes in the weapons such as the Fennec and ISO will have to add up damage range.

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So this was all about What is DMR nerf in COD Warzone Update January 2020.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on What is DMR nerf in COD Warzone Update January 2020.


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