Valorant 1.11 Update Rollback: The Valorant 1.11 update Rollback contained the new Agent Skye. But the update has been rolled back due to a ‘technical nightmare’. The Valorant 1.11 Update Rollback also has some gameplay improvements. And the issues that players were while playing were also fixed in the update 1.11.

Riot Games then decided to roll back the Valorant 1.11 Update. Many players were continuously reporting the new issue which the new update was causing to the game. Now after the Riot Games has rolled back the Valorant update 1.11 so now the game will continue to run on Patch 1.10. Early on 28th October the Patch 1.11 was rolled out for some regions like North America.

Valorant 1.11 Update Rollback

The Valorant Update 1.11 Rollback will be again back in this week. The Riot Games has said that “They will again try to give Patch 1.11 to the users later in this week”. The developers made some tweaks and introduced a new agent named Skye in the Valorant Update 1.11 Rollback. The makers created some mess with Patch 1.11.

Valorant Update 1.11 Rollback

The Valorant Update 1.11 Rollback has been done today on the 28th of October by the developers Riot Games. In the Valorant Update 1.11 Rollback, the developers added some gameplay improvements, a new agent, and a new gun. The riot games gave the Valorant Update 1.11 Rollback news with a tweet on social media platform You can check their tweet here.

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In their tweet, they said that they will do Valorant 1.11 Update Rollback in 30 minutes but the Valorant 1.11 Update Rollback was only for some region. The Valorant 1.11 Update Rollback has only been done in some regions like North America, Brazil, and LATAM, in which the Valorant 1.11 Update Rollback will be done for one region at a time.

Later Riot added one more tweet which you can see here.

In this tweet, they explained that will be again rolling out update 1.11 this week later until the developers find the fixes for the issues caused in patch 1.11.

Valorant Update 1.11 Rollback: Fans are disappointed

After the Valorant Update 1.11 Rollback, you can see that fans are getting disappointed with the rollback and raising questions on the Riot Games. On the Riot Games post on Twitter, one user said that Fortnite is better than Valorant you can see his tweet here.

This fan is clearly looking disappointed and let’s have a look at this fan tweet.

This user was targeting Riot Games and praising the new release Genshin Impact. The user said that Playing Genshin Impact is like watching anime and playing the game at the same. The user later said that the “Genshin Impact game is fulfilled with rewards and upgrades and the game satisfies the player needs. The game is full of exploration and he loves the game”.

Valorant 1.11 Update Rollback: Issues in the game

The fans of Valorant are showing their disappointment with the developers using social media platforms. The Valorant 1.11 Update Rollback is an issue why users wanted a test server for the game. The Riot Games are getting the demand for test servers for Valorant like they have for League of Legends. Hopefully, test servers for Valorant will be coming soon in near future.


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