Returnal will be one of the first major PS5 exclusives in 2021 and players are looking to know about the Returnal PS5 release date and time. They also wanted to know about the game price and how they can preorder it.

Below, you can find more about the Returnal PS5 release date and time, have a look.

Returnal PS5 Release Date

Sony promised a lot of PS5 exclusive will be coming after the launch of the console. But in the year 2021, we have not seen any major PS5 exclusive title. However, there were some games that have been already released for PS5 as an exclusive but those were not actually worth buying PS5. But a major PS5 exclusive title is coming out very soon and we have already got the dates of the launch.

The upcoming PS5 exclusive title is known as Returnal. And this is one of the major PS5 exclusive titles which is getting released this year. Returnal is a third-person shooter which also combines sci-fi and horror. There are a lot of elements that you may have not seen before.

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Returnal PS5 Release Date and Time

When it comes to the release date of Returnal on PS5 then it was expected to release on the 19th of March but as the day has already passed away and there is no game available on PS5 which is known as Returnal. According to Sony, they have pushed back the game until 30 April as there were some issues present in the game. But we would suggest you wait as then you will get to play a stable game unlike Cyberpunk 2077,  which was not worth its release.

So now you know about the Returnal PS5 release date and when it comes to the release time then there is definitely no information available from Sony, if the game comes out for Preload then we will definitely let you know.

Pre-Order & Pricing: Returnal PS5 Release Date

If you are looking to purchase returnal or want to pre-order the game then let us inform you that the Returnal copy is available in both physical and digital formats and it will cost you around $70. This price is for the standard edition of Returnal, however, if you want to buy the Deluxe Edition of the game then it will cost you around $80.

You will get some bonuses as well if you make a pre-order for the standard as well as a deluxe edition of the game.

Bonuses for Standard Edition

  • 1 Copy of the game.
  • 2 In-game outfits.

Bonuses for Deluxe Edition

  • 1 copy of the game.
  • 2 in-game outfits.
  • One digital soundtrack
  • Weapons and Consumables.

We would suggest you go for the Returnal deluxe edition as there you are getting a lot of free stuff in comparison to the standard version of the game and you are just paying $10 extra for that.

Returnal Trailer for PS5

Here is the official trailer of Returnal for PS5, have a look:

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This trailer is was released on Playstation’s official Youtube Channel.


In conclusion, we can conclude that Returnal is an upcoming PS5 exclusive title that will be out to play on PS5 very soon. It will be releasing on April 30th on PS5. There is 2 version of the game the first one is standard and another is deluxe, for pricing look above.

So this was all about Returnal PS5 Release Date and Time PS4 Gameplay, Pre-order, and Pricing. Hopefully, you will like our approach.

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