Path of Exile Update 1.68 is out and the players are very excited to know the changes made in this game. The developers have made a lot of changes with this update. We have brought this article to explain the complete patch notes of this amazing game.

Path of Exile Update 1.68

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Path of Exile Update 1.68

Today on 4th December 2020, the developers have released the latest update of the Patch of Exile game. This update is available to download and install on your device. The size of this update for PS4 is 284 MB. The size of the update may vary with the device. The developers have fixed a lot of issues with this update, this update also supports events as well as settings.

Path of Exile Update 1.68 Patch Notes

  • The developers have added a lot of supports for the upcoming events.
  • The developers have also added the ability to override different affinity settings by using “LS+Square” while transferring different items to the slash. It will ignore the Stash Affinities as well as locate the items in the current Stash Tab you want to open.
  • Talismans that drop from the Ritual Ground Delve encounter now will drop as the Rare item with the higher-tier modifiers as well as with anointment if the monster level 68 or higher in area.
  • With Path of Exile Update 1.68 Patch Notes, the developers have also fixed a lot of instance crashes.
  • The developers have also fixed the issue with Stash Affinities where it could switch to the tab even it was full as well as failed to locate an item.
  • The developers have also fixed the issue where the Atlas Jewellery would fail to drop from the Delve chests in case the area level was low. These chests will not spawn below depth 65.

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More About Path of Exile Game

After discussing the complete information regarding Path of Exile Update 1.68 Patch Notes 3.12.5b, you might be interested to know more about this game. Here, we have discussed the important and complete information on this game that will help you to explore more about it.

Path of Exile is a very interesting action role-playing game that is available for free. Grinding Gear Games is the developer as well as the publisher of this game. This game is available for different operating system platforms such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, Xbox One, as well as PlayStation 4. If you own any of the gaming platforms then you can enjoy playing this game. This game supports both single-player mode and multi-player mode. You can enjoy playing this game solo or with your friends as per your choice.

The players can choose from seven different classes such as Duelist, Witch, Marauder, Ranger, Templar, Scion, as well as Shadow. This game has three different core attributes such as Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity. This game has different game modes. This game is full of fun, adventure, and thrill. Some permanent leagues of this game are Standard, Hardcore (HC), and Solo Self Found (SSF). The temporary league of this game is The Heist league.

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It was the complete guide on Path of Exile Update 1.68 Patch Notes 3.12.5b. Now, we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got the complete information regarding this update. If you have any queries related to this then you can ask us in the comment section. If you have updated your game and want to share your experience then you can also feel free to share your experience with us. We would be happy to solve your queries regarding Path of Exile Update 1.68 Patch Notes.

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