Overwatch November 12 Patch Update: A new Overwatch patch has been released by the developers for PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. This update comes with a lot of changes, the developers keep pushing the constant updates for the Overwatch game. This update has been released on November 12th, 2020. This update has made some changes to the heroes as well.

This Overwatch update has a big change as it changes the time in the form of nerf to Brigitte’s base, drops it to 150 from 175. In the November update, the nerf is completely ignoring the newest hero which was arrived in the game just last month, October.

Overwatch November 12 Patch Update

The next big update in Overwatch in the month of November is that Ana’s Biotic Grenade will now work similarly as her primary fire.

Moira is also getting a little change in this update. Now, Moira is getting a little buff which will help her in a lowered healing consumption rate. With this, she can heal herself a bit more, which will help her in many situations.

Now let’s have a look at Overwatch November 12 Patch Update.

Overwatch November 12 Patch Update

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There are a lot of changes have been made to the game with the Overwatch November 12 Patch Update. This update includes some changes which have been made to the heroes, some balanced and general changes.

Let’s have a look at the Patch Notes.

Overwatch November 12 Patch Update

Overwatch November 12 Patch Update: Changes made to the Heroes

The November month update brings major changes to the heroes. This is an experimental update or you can say beta update but expected to be released soon to the normal users as well. But as of now, only some users or players are expected to receive this update, as said by the Overwatch makers.

Have a look at the tweet made by the official Twitter account of Overwatch.

Changes to the Heroes


  • The Biotic Grenade will pass from allies with full health.


  • Base Health has been reduced from 175 to 150.


  • The Biotic Grasp healing resources consumption rate has been lowered to 12.5 from 14.


  • Storm Arrows can be canceled manually from now onwards.


  • The Ice Wall can be destroyed manually from now.


  • While dead, the teleporter can be destroyed manually.


  • Now Pharah can crouch mid-air to increase the speed downwards using the Hover Jets.

Overwatch November 12 Patch Update: The Experimental Mode

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Overwatch November 12 Patch Update

This update has not been released in the public domain, only released as an experimental update for some users. This update will be released soon for normal users if the makers didn’t find any issue in the experimental update.

Here is what the makers say about this experimental update to the users:

The following trial starts! This time we’re planning to get your criticism on some equilibrium and personal satisfaction changes. We’re utilizing the 2-2-2 Role Queue ruleset so you can discover how these equilibrium changes may influence the live game.

Overwatch November 12 Patch Update: General Updates

There are not many updates if you look at the general updates. There is only a single update so we decided to mention it at the end.

  • The support heroes in the game will not day “Group up with me” from now onwards. The heroes are missing request healing the health.

Hopefully, you will like our approach on Overwatch November 12 Update Patch Notes.


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