Oddworld Soulstorm Update 1.14 Patch Notes is out with some changes. Here, you can explore the patch notes of this game.

Oddworld Soulstorm Update 1.14 Patch Notes

Oddworld Soulstorm Update 1.14 Patch Notes

Abe-related bug fixes

  • Improvements to Abe’s backward walk when stealth aiming
  • Improvements to the haptic feedback on PlayStation 5 throughout the game
  • Players can now alter their throw distance when using a mouse on PC by adjusting the aim distance or using the scroll wheel.

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Level-specific bug fixes

  • Multiple out-of-gameworld jump fixes
  • Dying after pressing the final button in Yards no longer locks the game with Oddworld Soulstorm Update 1.14 Patch Notes.
  • Mudokons no longer get stuck at the bottom of the destructible tower in Necrum Mines
  • Adjustments to the position of mines in Necrum Mines to allow for easier interaction with a door

Other fixes:

  • The Royal Jelly effects now correctly persist after a checkpoint
  • Mines now restore their spinning after a checkpoint
  • Improvements to the GameSpeak control settings on PC
  • The PlayStation 5 light bar will now be on by default for new players
  • Improvements to texture resolution on PlayStation 4

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