Nintendo Direct November 2020: The Nintendo direct 2020 has not been announced yet. The year 2020 is near to end and there is no official announcement or any type of leaks and news out there by the developers. But there are some unofficial leaks and news from some unknown sources which we will be discussing here.

Before this, the Nintendo Direct 2020 presentation was rumoured to take place on October 8, 2020. But as time passed, fans get disappointed with no announcement. But there are some more rumours and leaks about the Nintendo Direct to take place in November 2020. Here we will discuss that and more like List of Upcoming game in Nintendo Direct November 2020.

Nintendo Direct November 2020

In the last week of October 2020, there has been a rumour revolving around among the fans claiming that the Nintendo Direct event will take place in November 2020. This news about the Nintendo Direct event has been revolving around on all over the twitter among the fans. The news was shared by a Twitter user, who claims that he has an email in which everything about Nintendo direct is available, which some fans couldn’t digest. But our leaks and rumours about Nintendo’s Direct event are not just based on the Twitter news, but all the other news that is revolving around in the market.

Nintendo Direct November 2020

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The maintenance of nintendo switch will take place after November 3, 2020. Around 8 PM IST, it will take place. And as we all know thay nitendo switch maintenance takes place after Nintendo Direct or it can be before as well, no one knows except the makers. And the fans are expecting that Nintendo Direct November 2020 will take place after that.

More announcements are to be expected by the fans for Nintendo Direct while the upcoming Direct Showcase. On 28th of October, the Direct Mini has already took the place.During the shows of Nintendo Direct Mini, some announcements were made by the team. Here we have provided all the details about the Nintendo Direct Mini.

Nintendo Direct Mini: Announcements

Before the Nintendo Direct November 2020 comes out, some things you should know about the Direct Mini, here we have provided. Have a look on them.

  • Hitman 3 (CLOUD VERSION) – You will have the option to appreciate this game on Nintendo Online administrations in 2021. It is currently affirmed that it will accessible to play on Nintendo Switch through the cloud real time feature.
  • BRAVELY DEFAULT II – This astounding game will deliver for Nintendo Switch on February 26, 2021. Since its delivery date is reported, all gamers are amped up for it.
  • HYRULE WARRIORS: AGE OF CALAMITY – Now, the demo of this game is accessible on eShop. You can get it now on your Nintendo Switch. Indeed, even the information will move over the fundamental game.
  • CONTROL ULTIMATE EDITION (CLOUD VERSION) – This game is currently accessible on Nintendo Switch. You can likewise attempt this game prior to buying its full form.
  • NO MORE HEROES 1 and 2 – Now, you can appreciate both unique games on your Nintendo Switch.
  • Part Time UFO – This astounding game is delivered by the engineers of Kirby. You would now be able to appreciate in on your Nintendo Switch.
  • NO MORE HEROES 3 – another interactivity trailer of this forthcoming game for Nintendo Switch is additionally delivered. You can watch the new interactivity trailer on the authority Nintendo YouTube channel.

Nintendo Direct November 2020: Rumours

The first rumour for Nintendo Direct November 2020 came out thorugh twitter as most of the leaks and rumours comes. The rumour were announced by a twitter user “tlspoon”. We cant show the tweet here now as the tweet were removed and that account of the user dosen’t exist anymore on twitter. The tweet showed that when will the Nitendo Direct November 2020 announcemnt is going to happen. The tweet also showed some list of games that are coming in Nintendo Direct November 2020.

Nintendo Direct November 2020: List of Games

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There has been a lot of Nintendo Directs since the makers have launched it. But it is unconfirmed that what games are coming to Nintendo Direct. But some of the most awaited and most popular titles are something which Nintendo Direct can’t miss this november.


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