How to Time Travel in Animal Crossing: Time Travel is the best thing you can do to level up quickly. Some find it cheating while some find it fair to do time travel. It has been a controversial topic. The same applies to Animal Crossing, Nintendo has that it’s cheating to do time travel in Animal Crossing. Nintendo is even trying to remove this feature from the Animal Crossing game but players are loving it. Players are finding this feature helpful and don’t want Nintendo to remove this feature from the game.

No matter Time Travel is cheating or not but it’s fun. For some player, Time Travel is the most exciting feature of a game like Animal Crossing, and we find it helpful too, so we thought of writing a detailed article on How to Time Travel in Animal Crossing, If you are looking for the same it must be helpful for you too.

How to Time Travel in Animal Crossing

Assassin’s Creed community has also involved in this controversial topic. AC community also wants developers to remove this feature from the game because the community didn’t find this feature helpful. Nintendo and AC community has the same thoughts on this topic, but players who play the game don’t want this feature to be removed from the game.

There are mixed thoughts on this topic all over social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. Forget about the positives and negatives and let’s follow the guide to time travel in animal crossing.

How to Time Travel in Animal Crossing

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Here is the complete guide on How to time travel in Animal Crossing in November 2020. Have a look at the guide:

  • On the Nintendo Switch, just go to the Homepage menu and then head over to System Settings.
  • On the left scroll down to the bottom and choose System.
  • On the right-hand side scroll down and search for an option that says Date and Time and then select the option.
  • Now you have to check whether the Sync  Clock via the Internet is enabled or disabled, if it is disabled, please disable it.
  • Now you have to select a time zone, you can choose any timezone you wish.
  • Please note that after enabling this feature you have to load the game again and it is very risky and there is a chance that you might lose your in-game progress, you are only dependent on the autosave feature, if something happens you might not be able to get your progress back.

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How to time travel in Animal Crossing: The Positives and Negatives

The Positives

The time travel allows the player to:

  •  attend the events they like
  • receive mail sooner
  • receive interest from bank.

There are a lot more like-

  • The new villager will be moved to a sooner
  • Fruits on trees will grow faster
  • Various item will be there at the stores
  • Grass will regrow
  • Ability to catch fish and bugs out-of-season
  • Flower growth will speed up
  • Trees will grow quicker
  • Bushes will grow faster
  • It will also allow the player to participate in his own birthday or the inhabitants as well as faster.

So these were all the Positive points if you do time travel in animal crossing, now let’s see the negatives.

The Negatives

  • More weeds will be there.
  • Flowers will shrink or might die.
  • Phineas might not appear
  • You might miss some item which is on sale in the game
  • Your mailbox will be full which you have to make empty to receive more emails.
  • If you travel forward in time more than a week then your hair will grow worse.
  • Turnip price will be down.
  • A cockroach might appear at your home.
  • The villager will talk about the player, why he was away for so long.

So these were all the negatives of time traveling in animal crossing.

Hopefully, you will understand the guide, also tell us if you like our approach on How to time travel in Animal Crossing in November 2020.

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