How to Get Anima Shadowlands: World of Warcraft’s series Shadowlands has got a new currency for in-game purchases. The new Shadowlands currency is named Anima by the developers. With the help of Anima, you can buy upgrade your game and you can also purchase cosmetics in Shadowlands. Developers have introduced the new currency, Anima, to keep the game interesting for players. Developers have said that the new currency, Anima will enhance the overall gameplay of the game and will make a big impact on the game.

Anima will be used in Shadowlands to improve the feature of the game and especially the Covenant Sanctum in the game. The new currency, Anima can be found in the currency tab of the Covenant Sanctum in Shadowlands game. To get Anima in Shadowlands, players have to complete certain quests and tasks. We have provided a list of tasks and quests which you can complete in the game to obtain Anima.

How to Get Anima Shadowlands

Shadowlands game is the 8th expansion of the very popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). The game has been developed and published by the popular developers, Blizzard Entertainment. The Shadowlands series comes under World of Warcraft.

We have prepared a guide for you on How to Get Anima Shadowlands. In this guide, we have listed everything which you have to follow to get anima in Shadowlands. We have prepared this guide in November 2020, but hopefully, the guide will work anytime in the future as well as it is not a time-specific guide. So have a look at the guide.


How to Get Anima Shadowlands

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The developers, Blizzard Entertainment has released a new currency for the game, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. The new currency is named Anima in Shadowlands. And players are excited to know about, how to get Anima Shadowlands. Getting the new currency in Shadowlands is quite an easy task to do.

To get Anima in Shadowlands, you have to complete some quests and tasks in the game, which are quite easy to do, some of them might be tough, but you can do them as well, not a big deal.

How to get renown Shadowlands?

The Anima can be used to buy cosmetics and also can be used to upgrade the game. So it is very important for players to get the Anima. As Shadowlands is going through the drought, Anima is very important for any player to have. Anima is now an important commodity to have for players. Anima is now also considered as the main currency in Shadowlands.

With Anima, players can improve their character looks, can buy cosmetics, can also buy a few more items. Players will also be able to improve the Memory by using Anima. Have a look at the next section to know How to get Anima Shadowlands.

How to Get Anima Shadowlands?

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Anima has become the major currency in Shadowlands. The player now wants to know how to get anima Shadowlands, so this guide will help you out, have a look.

Anima Tokes can be obtained by completing some tasks. Here is the list of 3 tier for anima token:

  • Rare and Chests: You need to rob some chests and killing rares in the 4 zones will help you get some Anima.
  • World Quests: Players have to complete all the rare quest in Shadowlands to get Anima in the game.
  • Dungeons: The Dungeons will also help you get some Anima Tokens.

So these are all the methods which you can you to get anima in Shadowlands.

Hopefully, you will like our approach on How to get Anima Shadowlands in November 2020.

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