Disable Blood in Apex Legends: Apex Legends is a battle royale game and one the most popular competitive games out there. Apex Legends has a blood effect, while a player shoots the bullet at an enemy the blood splatter comes out and many Apex Legends on social media is claiming that this feature is available in the game and they can use this feature to disable blood in Apex Legends.

Earlier, a similar claimant was made on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS: GO but that claiment later turned out to be a false claimant. And now the same claim has been made on the Apex Legends game by some fans on social media.

How to disable blood in Apex Legends

So we have decided to find out that if the feature “Disable Blood in Apex Legends” is available or not. And we have written an article about this so that Apex Legends players can know the truth and they don’t waste their time finding out the option in the game.

Disable Blood in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends is a competitive battle royale game. And like any other competitive battle royale game, this game also features similar gameplay. Like any other battle royale game, most of these games have a variety of things like Violence. And to take this violence down, some player is claiming that developers have introduced a new feature in the game which is disabling the blood splatters in Apex Legends.

Before this, there were similar rumours out about the Counter-Strike Global offensive which the developers neglected later and turned out to be false. The same is going on with Apex Legends.

There are always some rumors every time a popular game comes out all over social media. Player wastes their time finding that if the rumor is true or not. And the developers, do not even clear out the confusion which is raising between the player for the game.

Firstly, when a player sees a rumour revolving around his social media, he tries to find it out in the game, and when he is not able to do it then he tries to do some research on the internet and then later it turns out to be false. So we decided to take action and clearing those confusions which are revolving around your social media about the games.

How to disable Blood in Apex Legends?

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The rumour about disables blood in apex legends is revolving on the social media of Apex fans. Disabling the blood in apex legends looks like a true rumour but turned out to be false when we did our research on it. This rumour looked true when we first heard of it. As some governments are taking actions and banning violent games in their countries.

When we tried to find out this option in Apex Legends, we couldn’t, then we asked to some popular Apex Legends players, we also asked this to the developers, as we had a thought in our mind that it can be or might be an upcoming feature in the game.

Everyone said that this is not true, there is no option to disable blood in Apex Legends, you can’t turn off the blood splatters in the game. As the game will not look interesting after disabling the option, if we had the option in the game. There are some games which allow you do this but as of now there is no option to turn off blood in Apex Legends.

Hopefully, you will like our approach on How to turn off blood in Apex Legends.

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