GTA 5 October 2020 Update: The GTA 5 October 2020 Update is the update that GTA 5 fans are waiting for, for months. GTA 5 hasn’t received any major update in the last six months and users were worried that if it’s the end of GTA 5. But the developers didn’t disappoint GTA 5 fans and will release a major GTA 5 October 2020 Update.

Rockstar Games promised a big Grand Theft Auto 5 update before the year’s end. Fans were waiting for the big announcement from Rockstar Games. And Rockstar Games didn’t want to disappoint fans before the release of GTA 6.

GTA 5 October 2020 Update

First Lets see what do we get in the GTA 5 October 2020 Update. Then, we will look at why Rockstar Games don’t want to disappoint users. This is an event update from Rockstar Games which usually every video game gets when some events come. The GTA 5 October 2020 Update is based on Halloween 2020 theme. The GTA 5 October 2020 Update contains Halloween Content, Adversary Modes, New Unlocks, Double Rewards on Halloween 2020, Discounts, and many more things.

So will discuss every part of the GTA 5 October 2020 Update one by one but first, let’s look at

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GTA 5 October 2020 Update

The GTA 5 October 2020 Update was the most awaited update of the year. Fans were eagerly waiting for a major or a big update for GTA 5. Some fans started posting on social media platforms that this is the end of GTA 5 and the makers are focusing on GTA 6 release and development. Some fans said that the makers are focusing and busy in the promotions of GTA 5 which later found to be false. All the assumptions of fans became false after the GTA 5 Halloween update announcement.

GTA Online has been flooded with significant updates over the most recent couple of years – giving players more to do around Los Santos. We’ve seen organizations included through Import/Export, Gunrunning, and Nightclubs – while players have likewise gotten the opportunity to bet at, and eventually take from, the Diamond Casino.

GTA 5 October 2020 Update: GTA 5 Heist Special Map

There are high chances that GTA 5 October 2020 Update will include a heist special map, making for a big change.

This map will available in GTA 5 online mode and not offline. This has never done before in GTA 5 online. The map will contain the casinos and all like other maps. And with this big change, Rockstar Games are planning to release Grand Theft Auto 5 for next-gen gaming consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox One. Otherwise, there is no reason that a next-gen gamer will buy GTA 5, A nine-year-old game at the time where GTA 6 is going to drop soon.

The makers say that “Not long from now players can anticipate all the more huge updates for the two games, including some energizing new expansions and growths to a current function in Red Dead Online, and the greatest actually update for GTA Online, highlighting our most recent interpretation of Heists in a totally new area.”

There might an announcement in the coming weeks from Rockstar Games and that make is perfect before the launch of the next-gen gaming console release. But fans will know that Rockstar Games never follows the rule, so you have to keep an eye on the latest updates coming from Rockstar games.

Is GTA 5 Dead in 2020?

As many fans say that GTA 5 is dead in 2020. But we will say that just wait and watch because there might be some updates in the upcoming weeks which might catch fans attraction back on GTA 5. As next-gen gaming consoles are to be released soon. In which, playstation 5 will be out in late mid november also Xbox One will be out soon. So to catch next gen users attarction to GTA 5, the rockstar Games might release a big update.


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