GTA 5 1.51 Patch Notes are now out and Rockstar Games has pushed an update for GTA 5. GTA 5 online has its 1.35 update today on Dec 15, 2020. We have all the details of the Patch Notes and Download Size, have a look at the details.

GTA 5 1.51 Patch Notes and Update 1.35 is out

GTA V Latest update: GTA 5 has got its latest update and has been updated to version 1.35. Rockstar Games pushed the latest update today on December 15, 2020. The update was already confirmed by Rockstar Game way before and has released it on the promised time, unlike CD Projekt Red. The New updates have a lot of new features and events that will be added to the game after the update.

We will talk about each and every part of the GTA 5 1.51 Patch Notes and the Version update 1.35.

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GTA 5 1.51 Patch Notes and Update 1.35 is out

Rockstar Games has pushed a new update to GTA 5 and the game has been updated to version 1.35. This update will add a lot of new features to the game. There are some events out for which the game has got its latest update.

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GTA 5 1.51 Patch Download Size: GTA 5 update is now available to download on various platforms such as PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The download size of the latest update is now available. The GTA 5 1.35 update weighs around 46.6GB on PS4, and the update weighs around 6.6 GB on the Xbox One and it weighs around 9.3GB on PC. The GTA 5 new update will be available to download on PS5 and the Xbox series X and S using Backward Compatibility. The update size may vary depending upon the platform you are on.

  • Playstation: 6.8GB
  • Xbox: 6.6GB
  • PC: 9.3GB

Rockstar Games has announced the GTA 5 update 1.35/1.51 from their official Twitter handle, also they posted a video or teaser, teasing about the latest heist, Cayo Perico.

This update will only affect the online mode of GTA 5 and not the story mode. Story Mode will remain as it is and there will be no changes in the offline story mode. GTA 5 is getting an update for its online mode after a very long time and players are happy at least they will see something new in this 8-year-old game.

Players were fed up with completing the old mission in the online mode of GTA V, but now they are getting something new to play and the best part is that the game is getting its latest update when the GTA 6 is about to arrive, fans didn’t expect that the GTA V receive any update since the developers are giving hints about GTA 6.

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Now let’s have a look at GTA 5 1.51 Patch Notes.

GTA 5 1.51 Patch Notes

There is not much when it comes to the GTA 5 1.51 Patch Notes but still, there is something we need to list in the Patch Notes, so have a look at the Patch Notes.

Here is the list of GTA 5 update 1.35 Patch Notes 1.51, have a look:

  • Cayo Perico Heist has been added to the game
  • Various bugs have been fixed in the game, no information about the fixes
  • There are some stability improvements that have been done to the game.

So this was all about the GTA 5 1.51 Patch Notes update 1.35.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on GTA 5 1.51 Patch Notes and Update 1.35 is out.

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