Ghost Of Tsushima Update 1.17 Patch Notes is out and the players are very excited to know the changes made with this update. In this article, we have explained the complete patch notes of this game that will help you to know the changes made with this update. Ghost of Tsushima is getting popular day by day among the players.

Ghost Of Tsushima Update 1.17 Patch Notes

Ghost Of Tsushima Update 1.17 Patch Notes

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Ghost Of Tsushima Update 1.17

Ghost Of Tsushima Update 1.17 is available to download, you can easily download the update and enjoy the latest version of this game. This update has been released today, on 5th December 2020. The file size of this update is 949 MB. The update would be automatically downloaded to your device, if you want to download it manually then you can also go for it. The developers have made a lot of fixes and improvements with this update.

It will be updated automatically on your PS4 but if there is a need to download the update manually then you can follow our guidelines to download an update manually. First of all, visit the game library, and move your cursor on the game you want to update. After this, you can press the options button on your controller, the side menu would be opened. Now, you have to tap on “Check for update”. If any update will be available then you will be able to see the name of game on your screen.

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Ghost of Tsushima Patch Notes 1.17

  • All the general bugs of this game have been fixed.
  • The developers have also made all the general improvements.
  • With Ghost Of Tsushima Update 1.17, the developers have made a lot of multiplayer improvement.

After discussing Ghost Of Tsushima Update 1.17 Patch Notes, you might be interested to explore more about the Ghost of Tsushima game. Let’s explore the details of this game.

More About Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is a very interesting action-adventure game where you can have a lot of fun and adventure. Sucker Punch Productions is the developer of this game while Sony Interactive Entertainment is the publisher of this game. This game is available for PlayStation 4. Only PS4 users can enjoy playing this game. This game was released on 17th July 2020. This game supports both single-player mode and multiplayer mode. You can enjoy playing this game solo or play it with your friends. It is a large open-world game, there are not any waypoints in this game. The players can also engage in direct confrontation with the foes using different weapons. There are a lot of weapons available in this game.

The players usually use stealth against the enemies. This game features diverse regions like villages, countrysides, fields, farms, Shinto shrines, and much more forests. In this game, Jin Sakai is the head of the Sakai clan as well as the Samurai warrior. He has a lot of friends and known in this game. You have to complete different challenging missions. If you love action-adventure games then this game is just for you. You can also solve different side quests in this game. The players can complete different story missions. The player can visit different parts of the world on horseback.

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It was the complete guide on Ghost Of Tsushima Update 1.17 Patch Notes. Now, we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got the complete information regarding this update. If you have any queries related to this update then you can feel free to ask us in the comment section. We would be happy to solve your queries.

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