Friday The 13th 1.39 Patch Notes: The Gun Media has released a new update for Friday The 13th. This update is now rolling out for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Friday The 13th 1.39 Patch comes with a lot of changes, bug fixes, gameplay improvements, performance improvements, and more. We will have a look at Patch Notes in the next section of this article.

Friday The 13th 1.39 Patch Notes

Friday The 13th 1.39 Patch Notes

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Friday the 13th 1.39 Patch comes with a variety of changes and the changes are as follows:

  • General Fixes
  • Game Play Fixes
  • The Pocket Knife Issue in the Game
  • Combat Stances

So these were all the patch notes points for Friday the 13th 1.39 Patch and we will have a look at the notes one by one.

Friday The 13th 1.39 Patch: General Fixes

  • Wire Box and Fuse generate for the Cop call has been reached out to guarantee the circuit doesn’t bring forth inside the house with the breaker fix box.
  • Different Interaction Locks have been fixed, especially those that happened when players would enter either numerous catch presses or quick catch presses in short progression, fast get and put down of things, and various data sources showing up with on-screen prompts.
  • With this fix, matchmaking will move away from Dedicated Servers and onto Peer Peer Matchmaking for all matches.
    – The game will in any case be playable online openly with the Quick Play choice and secretly with the Private Match alternative.

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Friday The 13th November Update: Game Play Fixes

There are two types of gameplay fixes that have been done to Friday The 13th. The first one is Jason- Game Play Fixes and the second one or the last one is Counselor- Game Play Fixes. We will have a look at each of them one by one, the first one is Jason- Game Play Fixes.

Jason- Game Play Fixes
  • Capacity Unlock/Recharge Rate switch in private matches has been fixed to incorporate the two boundaries.
  • Kidnapping, when Jason can Morph while holding a guide, has been fixed.
  • Jason Kill Sequence – Kneel: The issue where the bowing activity during the Jason Kill cycle could be rehashed has been fixed.
  • Entryway symbol inconsistencies bringing about an off base anteroom symbol have been fixed.
  • Cover HP escape clauses where utilization of a flare weapon or fireworks could get the veil to fall off excessively fast have been fixed.
Counselor- Game Play Fixes
  • Stowing away Under Bed: An issue where players could cover up under beds and become stuck in a manner where Jason couldn’t slaughter them has been fixed. While it is as yet conceivable in certain cases to cause the bug, the guide will have the option to be murdered by Jason in that state.
  • Various safe spots around the guides have been fixed, including the Pinehurst Roof strategy by the method of Tommy’s bed.
  • An issue causing the Counselor attire choices to not spare appropriately when changing shading/things has been settled. Don’t hesitate to return to playing Pink Cop Kenny.
  • Hall symbol inconsistencies bringing about an erroneous entryway symbol have been fixed.
  • Players will presently observe a blunder on the off chance that they roll and sell advantages excessively fast, yet the game will remain utilitarian and at this point don’t secure. Players would then be able to proceed to roll and sell advantages, being mindful of not over-burdening the moving framework.
  • Tommy Jarvis voice lines have been reestablished, and this is among him and Jason.

Friday The 13th 1.39 Patch: The Pocket Knife Issues

There were only two pocket knife issues that were present in the game with the release of the last patch which is now fixed. The fixes are as follows:

  • Moment break free by utilizing wellbeing splash or sparklers when snatched, bringing about a moment break free as well as maintenance of the player’s folding knife, has been fixed.
  • Loss of folding knives in conditions when sparklers are utilized has likewise been fixed.

Friday The 13th 1.39 Patch: Combat Stance

  • Usually alluded to as Sliding or Teleporting, the group has fixed an issue permitting players to control battle position changes.
  • Players may in any case observe, when in observer mode, instructors endeavoring to play out the adventure, anyway this is a visual antique.

Hopefully, you will like our approach on Friday The 13th 1.39 Patch Notes.


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