Electronic Arts have released the Fifa 21 Update 1.17 Patch Notes and the update is now available to download on all platforms. This is a minor update that will fix some bugs and issues present in the game and it will not make a major change into the game. Below, we have provided all details about the FIFA 21 update 1.17 and its Patch Notes, have a look.

Fifa 21 Update 1.17

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Electronic Arts have pushed the FIFA 21 update 1.17. It is a small patch that has been pushed to fix some small issues and bugs in the game. You can download this update as it is available on all platforms, below, we have also listed the download size of this update.

When it comes to changes then there is not a lot that you may want to know as there are some very minor changes that will not affect the overall game and gameplay. You won’t find any difference in the game after updating your version of the game to this version.

Below, we have listed all the list of changes and the official FIFA 21 Update 1.17 Patch Notes, download size, and more, have a look.

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FIFA 21 Update 1.17 Patch Notes and Download Size

FIFA 21 Update 1.17 is now rolling out for all users and if you have not received this update yet, then you will have to restart your console to get this update. This update is here to fix some minor bugs and issues in the game. For instance, this update will fix some issues in different modes of the game, it will also fix some bugs due to which the game was lag and stuttering. Some issues in matchmaking also have been addressed in this update.

Apart from that, there are some very small issues found in the network connection which have been resolved in this update. And then there is nothing more to know about this update. And if you are wondering that what is the download size of this FIFA 21 Update 1.17 then have a look.

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Download Size of FIFA 21 Update 1.17: When it comes to the download size of the FIFA 1.17 update then you will only have to download a few MBs of data. However, it is still not confirmed that what is the size of the game on different platforms. The download size may vary depending upon the platform.

FIFA 21 Update 1.17 Patch Notes and Changes

Here are all the changes and official FIFA 21 Update 1.17, have a look:

  • Some issues related to different modes in the game have been addressed.
  • Some issues related to lag and stuttering have been addressed.
  • A lot of minor issues have been fixed related to the stability of the game.
  • Some performance improvements have been done.
  • A minor issue has been fixed in the Network and connectivity section.
  • Some other minor bugs have been fixed

So this was all about the FIFA 21 Update 1.17 Patch Notes.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on Fifa 21 Update 1.17 Patch Notes, Download Size, and Bug Fixes.

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