Watch Dogs Legion is just a few hours away. When can we Download Watch Dogs Legion, users are asking on gaming forums. So, here we are to tell you the timings when you can Download Watch Dogs Legion. The gamers who bought Watch Dogs legion in preorder are asking that, “When can we start preloading watch dogs legion. The timings are revealed by some sources so we are gonna discuss Watch Dogs Legion Preload Start Timing.

Download Watch Dogs Legion Watch Dogs Legion Preload Start Timing

Watch Dogs is going to launch on 29 October 2020. So the gamers just have to wait for a few more hours to play and test the game. The best thing is that the gamers know that they can preload the game.

When you can start Download Watch Dogs Legion on PC

Developers of the game Watch Dogs Legion, Ubisoft is launching the game this week. The game is supported in various gaming platforms like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and Microsoft Windows as well with next-generation versions to follow.

In this, the next-generation gamers will have to wait for a few more days to play Watch Dogs Legion because of their next-generation choice, while the other gamers will be able to Download Watch Dogs Legion and play it on the date or release. The gamers who have already pre-ordered the game will be able to Preload Watch Dogs Legion.

The developers, Ubisoft are ready to launch the game on Thursday 29 October. The servers might not work well. The Watch Dogs Legion has become so popular before its release that many users have already pre-ordered the game. And if you have also pre-ordered Watch Dogs Legion then you should not wait for the download option to come and download the game on the release date as servers will be very busy that day. You should preload Watch Dogs Legion if you are planning to download on the release date and if you have a slow internet connection.

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A message from the developers, Ubisoft adds that “We’re only a few days away from launch, and we are very excited to see you build your resistance and liberate London!

Download Watch Dogs Legion: Watch Dogs Legion Preload Start Time

The game Watch Dogs Legion will be available on Thursday, October 29. In each country, in Thursday at midnight, the game will be available. From midnight, you will be able to play as anyone, recruit anyone, explore our near-future London. Fight Back against the power of authoritarian who wants to take over and find out you can find out who is there behind the Zero-Day Bombing.

The developers said that ” Our Online mode will launch early December, offering up to 4-player co-op and a variety of new content, activities, and stories. We will share more details as we get closer to December. “

When it comes to Preload Watch Dogs Legion, the Watch Dogs Legion Preload will be available to download on October 26 at 8 AM PDT / 11 AM EDT / 4 PM CET on Uplay. You will be able to Download Watch Dogs Legion on PC from the Epic Games Store.

The Xbox one user has an advantage. The Xbox One users can Preload the Watch Dogs Legion right now, as the game is already available to preload on Xbox One. The PlayStation 4 players will be available to preload on October 27 at local time.

Watch Dogs Legion Download Size

Watch dogs Legion is available to play on various platforms but users don’t know how much they have to download before they want to play the game.

Download Watch Dogs Legion for PC:

If you have a physical disc of the Watch Dogs Legion game then you can start the installation process right now. After installation, you will be asked to download a 6.19GB patch of Watch Dogs Legion. If you wanna download it digitally then you can expect a size of 40.4GB download. The download size is quite big and after the download completes the installation size will be around 45GB on the disk on the PC. Also, keep the thing in mind that you will also require an additional 20GB space for the optional HD texture feature.

Download Watch Dogs Legion for Xbox One:

In Xbox One, 35GB data to download it digitally in Xbox one. And if you have bought physically then after installing the game you will require an additional 1.85GB to download the patch.

Download Watch Dogs Legion for PlayStation 4:

For PS$, if you have bought physically then you have to download an additional patch of 2GB for a complete installation or if you wanna download it digitally then you have to download around 33GB.


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