Dirt 5 1.04 Update Patch Notes: The Dirt 5 1.04 update is now rolling out. This update fixes some bugs and makes some improvements to the game. Codemasters released this update today which is on November 16. The update for the game is now available to download on various platforms. The file size is unknown till now, but we might update it soon over here.

With the new update to the game, Codemasters has fixed a lot and a lot of bugs. With the new patch, they have removed a bug where the game is crashing randomly at any time. The makers have also fixed a huge bug where the game used to lag a lot and drop FPS in a huge amount. The developers say that this update fixes all the bugs and makes huge gameplay improvements to the Dirt 5.

Dirt 5 1.04 Update Patch

Players were continuously reporting these bugs to the developers but today finally the player looks happy and exciting as the update comes out.

We have prepared a list of Patch Notes that the developers have fixed with the Dirt 5 1.04 Update Patch. Hopefully, there will be no more huge bugs the game will face after this patch, but no one knows about the bugs, time will prove it itself. Have a look at the patch notes.

Dirt 5 1.04 Update Patch Notes

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Players are excited about the Dirt 5 1.04 Update Patch, but at the same time, they are confused if updating the game will all the bugs or not. As the last patch came out with a lot of bugs and the makers promised that this update fixes all the major bugs but it didn’t, players are feeling similar this time as well.

Earlier, fans thought that this update only focuses on PS5 compatibility but later they got to know that it also fixes the issues that the game was facing on PS4.

So the Dirt 5 1.04 Update Patch fixes the issue in PS5 and as well as PS4.

This update is also out for Xbox users where players were facing controller vibration issue, this issue is now fixed. The new Dirt 5 1.04 Update Patch comes with a huge improvement in the Visuals. The makers have improved the visuals where they have majorly focused on rain effects and windshield effects. These improvements only have been fixed for the interior camera view.

So now let’s focus on the list of major fixes that hs been made to the game by the developers.

Dirt 5 1.04 Update Patch Notes List

Here is a list of Patch Notes:

  • The first and major improvement is that V-Sync has been added for PS4/PS5.
  • Major improvements have been done such as performance improvements, all crash fixes, stuttering, and FPS drop issue fixed, optimized gameplayer improvements.
  • For Xbox, the Controller vibration issue has been fixed.
  • For PS5, improvements to use the Dualsense Controller.
  • PS4, fixed an issue where save data was not working, progress disappearing after game restarts and fixed all the crashed while using the livery editor.

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  • Fixed the crashing issue where players were getting signed out at the Gymkhana Event.
  • Minor optimizations have been done to the photo mode.
  • Visual improvements have been made to the rain and windshield effect while using the interior camera view.
  • Fixed an issue in a multiplayer mode where players getting kicked who are not ready for the event.
  • Some general improvements and some more minor bugs got fixed in the online matchmaking and in the searches of the lobby.

So these were all the patches that got fixed with the Dirt 5 1.04 Update Patch.

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