DayZ Update 1.30 Patch Notes is out with some changes. Let’s explore the complete information regarding the latest update on the DayZ game.

DayZ Update 1.30 Patch Notes

DayZ Update 1.30 Patch Notes

  • Improvised bags could be broken down while filled with items
  • Fixed a bump in the stairs of the castle tower
  • Fixed problematic fire geometry blocking shots in some buildings
  • Fixed a glitch that glitched inventory items in the same position
  • Splitting an item with quantity would make the total amount heavier than the initial
  • Splitting/sharpening actions would not transfer the damage state to the newly created item with DayZ Update 1.30 Patch Notes.
  • Fixed animation glitches allowing instant pose changes between prone and erect

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  • Interrupting a placing action could result in the item dropping below the floor of structures
  • Dark-visor Motorbike Helmets were held badly
  • The player camera could clip in the big NWAF hangar
  • Gas masks and gags would not obstruct VOIP properly or consistently
  • Grenades would not damage attached containers
  • In a specific situation, the player would get “SERVER_UNREACHABLE” message while the server is available
  • Implemented the missing widget “Take to hands” for the Frying Pan, Pot, and Cauldron attached to fire barrels
  • Gas pumps now display the correct name when destroyed
  • Bayonets can now be used to perform backstab attacks


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