Days Gone Update 1.7 Download Size, Patch Notes, and Release Date: The Days Gone Update 1.7 is released ahead of the launch of PS5. The Days Gone will be available for free to download as a part of the PS Plus Collection. The PlayStation Plus members will be able to download it for free in November from the official PS Store. The Days Gone Update 1.7 Download Size is quite huge. And with the Days Gone Patch 1.7, the game has got fixed some of the biggest issues players were facing while playing.

With this update, the Days Gone version will be updated to 1.7. Many more PS exclusive games are getting the update in these weeks and many have already updated. The update will give advantage to next-gen players mostly. As Days Gone Update 1.7 Download Size is quite big, but it mostly focuses on the PS5 players. The 1.7 Patch will make a huge loading time improvement in PS5. Before this, The Last of Us Remastered has also got an update improving the loading time for PS5. And when we mean improvement in loading time then we really mean it. It seriously makes a big difference like you see the difference in expensive SSDs and cheap HDDs.

Days Gone Update 1.7 Download Size


Last time, a big update was released for the game which added new bikes and tanks in the game and also fixed some major issues and bugs. The last update also added some stability and performance improvement to the game. But, even after the last update, the players were facing a lot of major issues. The Days Gone Update 1.7 Patch is expected to be fixing all those issues and will make a major improvement to the game. First, let’s discuss the Days Gone Update 1.7 Download size.

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The Days Gone Update 1.7 Download Size

The Update 1.7 Patch download size is pretty huge and will make some major improvements to the game especially for next-gen gamers. The Days Gone Update 1.7 Download Size is around 25GB which is quite big. This Update mostly focusing on PS5 compatibility.

The Days Gone Update 1.7 Download Size and Patch Notes

As we have already discussed so many times that this update mostly focuses on PS5 compatibility but let us tell you it also fixes some bugs and makes some gameplay improvement for PS4. Let’s have a look at the Days Gone Update 1.7 Patch Notes.

  • Fixed all types of crashing issues the game was causing.
  • Fixed frame rate dropping issue
  • Fixed lag issues
  • Additional Operational Stability improvement
  • Some minor bugs fixed
  • Some in-game performance improvements

The Days Gone Update 1.7 Download Size: Release Date

The Days Gone 1.7 Patch was released on 29 October 2020. As the Days Gone 1.7 patch has come out ahead of the launch of PS5 so there might be some more bugs available when the next-gen player will have their hands on the game. So there is a probability that the next update or the next patch will be available soon but the next update might not have any update for the PS4 players.

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The news of the Update 1.7 Patch for the Days Gone has not been announced officially but this is the patch according to fan’s assumptions. The Days Gone official Twitter handle is blank and didn’t do any official post addressing the fans about the update.

Most of the PS4 fans are disappointed with the Days Gone update 1.7 Patch as it does not makes a difference to the game for them but they still have to download the huge update of around 25 GB, which is not good. The developers of the game, SIE Bend is only focusing on the loading improvement for the next-gen users following the steps of other game developers.


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