Bugsnax Update 1.04 Patch PS4: Bugsnax has just got updated with patch 1.04. This update includes some big changes in the game as well as some hotfixes in Bugsnax. The Bugsnax Update 1.04 Patch PS4 was pushed by Young Horses today on November 21, 2020. The Bugsnax update 1.04 patch is now rolling out for PS4 and PS5. The Bugsnax Update 1.04 patch has also got some additional content with it.

The Bugsnax Update 1.04 Patch Download Size is around 1 GB for the PS4/PS5.

We have prepared a list of full official Bugsnax Update 1.04 Patch Notes. Have a look at them below.

Bugsnax Update 1.24 Patch PS4

Bugsnax has been a quite popular game among gamers who like to play an adventure-based game. Bugsnax is an adventure game, it costs around $25 on the official PS Store. The Epic Games for Microsoft Windows (PC) has the same price as Bugsnax. This game has been published and developed by Young Horses.

In Bugsnax, players explore an unknown island. On that island, players have to find some mysterious and unknown bugs and snacks type of creature. Bugsnax is available on PS4, PS5, and PC.

Bugsnax Update 1.04 Patch PS4

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The Bugsnax got an update to version 1.04 with the latest update pushed by Young Horses. This update is available to download on various platforms such as PS4, PSs5, and PC. The Bugsnax Update 1.04 Patch weighs around 1GB in size, size may vary according to the platform.

So with the latest update, Bugsnax has got some additional content, hotfixes, some minor bug fixes, gameplay improvement, optimization, and more, we are going to discuss all this in the next section, have a look.

Bugsnax Update 1.04 Patch PS4: The Patch Notes

So Bugsnax has got some cool and amazing features with the update, have a look.

Here is the list of Bugsnax Update 1.04 Patch PS4:

  • The Developers, Young Horses has added a weather forecast feature on the map.
  • Bugsnax has no longer broke progress of a quest for leaving a boss.
  • Developers have fixed an issue where Floofty’s Head Games quest broke the progress after being left.
  • After the changes in a quest cutscene, the Beffica’s Head transform is now being restored to its original form.
  • Enhancements to character eyelid conduct while dozing.
  • Guarantee journey markers are covered up during the endgame.
  • Ribblepede development improved when strolling along dividers.
  • Journey important Bugsnax respawn all the more oftentimes if none are available.
  • Keep contribution from stalling out subsequent to dispatching the game with sticks pushed down.
  • Noodler effectively drops a held article when it gets stifled.
  • Key things on the planet are not, at this point truly moveable.
  • Soft lock of leaping over the boat while Filbo’s section of the end game has been fixed now.

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  • Soft lock of leaping over the fence while the Wambus intro scene in Garden Frove has been fixed now.
  • Players who were unknowingly loading through the unknown tunnel without solving the puzzle will now have to finish the puzzle so they can skip the underground murder trap.
  • Chandlo no longer gets into and up over and over until 2am. (Same – Phil)
  • Developers has fixed an issue where water articles may vanish when camera screen impacts happen and the game is delayed.
  • Gramble no longer says I’m secured for the night line when actually outside of his animal dwellingplace.
  • Snorpy no longer says his Suspicious flame line on the off chance that you light the candle before he shows up.
  • Grass rendering error has been fixed now.
  • Trip shot stability has now been improved.
  • Gameplay Improvements and minor optimizations has been done to the game.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

So these were all Bugsnax Update 1.04 Patch PS4 Notes.

Hopefully you will like our approach on the Bugsnax Update 1.04 Patch PS4.

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