Bounties Location in Genshin Impact November 2020: The new Genshin Impact Update has added a lot of new features and changes to the game. With the latest update, keeping track of everything and adding archives is easy. But there are major changes have been done to the game with this update, the biggest changes are the Reputation System. With the Reputation System, it will be easy for players to earn all types of bonuses in Genshin Impact.

These Reputation points in Genshin Impact can get you some tasks such as Bounties. Players can earn Reputation Points every week by completing some bounties.

Here is all you need to know about the Bounties Location in Genshin Impact, have a look.

Bounties Location in Genshin Impact November 2020

The Developers of Genshin Impact has added some great features to the game. These additions include some new weapons, new characters, and plenty of new changes to the main game.

Bounties Location in Genshin Impact November 2020

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With the new update, the developers, Mihoyo, have introduced a new feature in the game, that feature is known as the Reputation System. Before this, players were not familiar with this type of new feature. As the Genshin Impact is a different game, the player feels that he/she is watching anime and at the same time playing the game, Genshin Impact.

The Reputation System will help you get a lot of bonuses. There are a lot of ways with which a player can earn Reputation Points. But the best way, we have found is by Bounties.

The player will have to make it to the Adventure Rank 25 to use the new feature, Reputation Points. The players also have to complete the Mondstadt quest to be able to use the Reputation System.

Bounties Location in Genshin Impact November 2020: How Bounties Works?

Bounties Location in Genshin Impact November 2020

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After you have arrived at Adventure Rank 25 and finished all the above missions, you will have the option to take bounties in Mondstadt and Liyue where you will be entrusted with a chase down an enemy in a locale with a specific degree of trouble.

The more the trouble, the more Reputation focuses you will procure after effectively crushing the enemy. The higher trouble levels likewise imply that you will have a lot harder time bringing down an enemy.

Notwithstanding, you will just get three bounties during a given week, consequently, it is best that you complete those with higher trouble levels to procure more Reputation focuses.

Bounties Location in Genshin Impact November 2020: The Bounties Location

Finding  Bounties in Genshin Impact is quite easy. You have to look for the areas that are marked with the yellow circles on the map. Here you have to use the Elemental Sight to take the foe down. Bounties Location in Genshin Impact will be indicated by some blue lines that will take the player to some different clues in the game.

There are a total of 3 different clues that you can collect in the game. When you have found all the clues then will be face-to-face with the bounty. Then you have to defeat them to get your Reputation Points.

Hopefully, you will like our approach on Bounties Location in Genshin Impact November 2020.

Conclusion: Bounties Location in Genshin Impact

To find the bounties, first, you need to know about the Reputation System. After knowing about the system you have to check that if you are eligible for the system or not.

If you are eligible then the next step is, you have to find some color marked areas like blue and yellow, and then you have to go to that location, complete the task and you will receive some reputation points. Then, you have to find some clues then you can get those bounties.


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