Beat Saber 1.33 Update Patch Notes: Beat Saber has recently got its 1.33 Patch. The developers, Beat Games has confirmed the latest Beat Saber 1.33 Update Patch Notes for PS4. There are some minor bug fixes in this patch but the major thing is the game has received the BTS Music Pack. The BTS Music pack contains 12 new songs from BTS.

The new update was out on November 12. The game has also had some issues. Some users reported to the Beat Games that they are facing some issues with the game. The players requested to fix the issue with the makers. Makers have now assured us to fix the new issue that the game is facing. We will talk about this more later.

Beat Saber 1.33 Update Patch Notes

Beat Saber is developed by Beat Games. In this game, the player has to play with the slicing blocks representing the musical beats. The Beat Saber was released in 2018. The Beat Saber is available to play on various platforms such as Microsoft Windows and PS4.

The game also supports some VR headsets, which is great. The Beat Saber game is most popular on VR platforms and has gained its popularity over the platform.

The game has also won the Gamer’s Choice Award.

Beat Saber 1.33 Update Patch Notes

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The Beat Saber 1.33 Update Patch Notes was out on November 12. The latest update contains BTS Music Pack. In this pack, the makers have added 12 new songs from BTS Music.

Here is a tweet from the Beat Saber account for the same.

Here is the list of Beat Saber 1.33 Update Patch Notes, have a look:

  • BTS Music Pack is here! It accompanies 12 new tunes that are currently accessible for buy as an extra substance to the game.
  • Added flexible Note Jump Offset into Player Options.
  • Added Hide note producing impact into Player choices.
  • Bolt showing headings (from which notes are coming in 90-degree levels) is presently supplanted with numerous bolts that may show different dynamic bearings simultaneously.
  • Menu visual update with bent screen plan.
  • Added Adaptive SFX into Player Options.
  • New lights.
  • Player insights sheet incidentally eliminated.
  • Different fixes and changes.

This update from Beat Saber 1.33 Update Patch Notes also features little big heroes Tiny Tan. The update is available to download on various platforms like Steam, PS Store, and Oculus Store, as informed by the makers.

Here is another tweet from Beat Saber for the same.

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Beat Saber 1.33 Update Patch Notes: The VR Issue

The player was facing some issues, the problem is only occurring in VR platforms.

The issue was related to player height, audio latency, and some crashes since the last update have arrived, and here is a tweet for the same from Beat Saber’s official Twitter handle, have a look.


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